About The Hornets…

We have been Scootering on Long Island & beyond since 1999.


The Hornets are a Social Club as much as they are a Scooter Club. Over the years we have developed into a family of dedicated Scooterists that love to Scoot all over our beloved Long Island. We welcome all riders of all Scooters, regardless of brand or origin.


We are all about exploring. We seek new ways to find old places and old ways to find new places. You will see Long Island like you have never seen before. From one end to the other you will find us on a back road, closed road or the unknown, We scoot from Manhattan to Montauk when the fancy takes us!


We love the darn things. From Vespas of all kinds to the Maxi Scooters & Imports from around the world, we are their champions. We encourage our riders the best we can to ride the best Scooter they can and assist our members in doing so, the best we can.

A message from the President…

I formed The Hornets in 1999 to give Long Islanders a Scooter Club of their own. The NYC Clubs were a little too far away for many of us to join in with the fun. Long Island is a bit long and has wonderful places to see and be seen. I felt that we had so much to offer the Scooter lovers here and all over the area, that we needed a Scooter club to represent our Island of Long.

We started meeting at the Bellmore RR Station Car Show on Friday nights. By “We” I mean “Me” because it took almost 2 years for people to show up in person! After that our club grew at an exciting pace. We moved on to bigger and better meeting places and have expanded to meeting twice a week sometimes. The amount of miles we have traveled can only be equaled by the smiles we make. For over 23 years we have traveled these roads and we hope to share them with you and your Scooter soon!

― Marbles Mahoney.
President & Founder,
The Hornets Scooter Club

Hornets Scooter Club Video…

Photos from our Swarms…

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Scoot On…

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