The Buzz. 5/23 |#2 | Vol.2

The Swarms…

The weather has been iffy at best. We have had warm days but cold mornings. Regardless we have been Scootering. We went to Fire Island on a Saturday Swarm from our Suffolk meet up spot at Dunkin Donuts on Motor Parkway in Hauppauge/Brentwood. It was warm but a little chilly by the Lighthouse. Our friends in the New York Vespa Club rode out that day and took the long walk to Kismet for lunch. We welcomed a new member that met us out there as well!

Sunday Swarming has begun as well but we meet at 10am. We have been meeting at 10am for months now, so this should not be a surprise. If you want to meet at 9am, meet up at Dunkin Donuts and ride with us to the Nassau 10am meet up at Town Bagel in Plainview. I was asked to give us more time to get ready to ride on Sunday and I need more time as well, now that I live in Suffolk. I will simply pass by Dunkin Donuts and collect any riders that are there and lead them all to Plainview. Get there early for breakfast and be ready to ride! Members receive invitations in the email and the events are always on Facebook…

Now get it straight. You are all grown ups and can remember things, I have faith in you all.

9 AM Dunkin Donuts
694 Motor Parkway Hauppauge NY 11788
Click For A Google Map

EVERY SUNDAY IN NASSAU: The Longest Running Scooter Meet Up In The NYC/LI Area
10 AM Town Bagel
1133 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803
Click For A Google Map

The Air Show…

Every year it is suggested that we ride to the Air Show at Jones Beach. What most of the people suggesting this do not realize is that the parking lots fill up by 8am. We are not meeting that early. Instead we ride to Republic Airport to watch the planes take off before they perform at the show. It is a preview with plenty of available parking behind Home Depot in the Shopping Center. Anyone else that wants to brave the traffic to Jones Beach is more than welcome. Our experience guides us and that is one of the benefits of being in our club. We will meet up on Sunday as usual at the usual places listed above.

Double M Update…

I am healing up quite well, but the progress is slow. Bypass Surgery took a lot out of me. I am now using the Gym at work and following all my doctors orders. Some days I am fairly weak and I take it easy. Riding is actually good exercise, so I am doing that as often as I can. I can not thank everyone for their well wishes and visits. It really means a lot to me. This is my 24th year of leading this club. It has become a family. Like families we have had had our ups and downs. The relationships we have forged have gone beyond just members in a club. My recent Health battle proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thank you everyone, your love and support keeps me going in these hard times.

Scoot On…
Marbles Mahoney
Founder & President

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