The Buzz. Vol.2 #1 – 5/3/23

The Buzz Is Back!

Marbles Mahoney

The Buzz Is Back…

Our Newsletter took a break over the winter months. As a Scooter Riding club in NY it is inevitable that the weather intrudes on our swarms. This year we had a few other things to deal with. I (Marbles Mahoney) went had Open Heart Surgery, a double Bypass to be exact. That kinda kicked me in the ass (well, the chest, LOL) and that cut back on all my activities including Blog writing. I want to thank everyone for their support, their hospital visits and love during this difficult time. We truly are a family. I am OK and have been cleared to ride by my doctors! Yay!

Marbles Mahoney. Founder & President.

The Swarm Is Back…

We tried to start swarming again a few weeks ago, but the weather was still a factor. We think it was divine intervention to let Marbles heal some more…

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