The Buzz.

Welcome back to the Buzz. We are going Monthly for a while. Our Founder, President & Editor In Chief is going into the Hospital on March 28th for a Triple Bypass on his Heart. Those of you that follow us on Facebook may already know about this. However this Sunday, he will be leading one last ride. Even if he survives, he will have a long road of recovery to deal with and may not be able to ride for a while. For 24 years he has been leading this club and leading our rides. Even if you cant ride, please come out to wish him luck. He could really use the support. His Rock & Roll lifestyle has not left him in the best of health and this will be a risky procedure due to many other factors. We will have a meeting as well to discuss the future of our club until and if Marbles comes back. Now is the time for this family of Scooter riders to come together for the good of the club and for Marbles. See you Sunday. Here is the 411 on Facebook…

Scoot On…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    see you Sunday


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