The Buzz #29

The Sunday Swarm…

We had a great time at Breakfast last Sunday. We look forward to repeating that next Sunday! We will be at our usual spot at Town Bagel in Plainview at 10am. Stay tuned for our next Sunday Scooter Brunch coming in Feburary!

T-Shirt Drama…

Some joker stole the Long Island Vespa Club T-Shirt Design and was selling them online. They also stole the logo of The Vespa Club Of Seattle to try and pass themselves off as a member of that club. I posted a warning to the person and to all to report the Facebook page, which Facebook refuses to take down. I also posted on The Vespa Club of Seattle’s FB page a warning in case anyone there actually was involved. They were not. Of course this caused some complaints from the Drama Queens over there. We are sorry for any misunderstandings caused as a result. We do not understand why so many Scooterists jump to cause drama. It is as if riding a Scooter is not exciting enough for them. LOL. We have had an un-official “No Drama Queens” rule in our club for a long time, This year we strengthened that rule and made it official. It is now known as the “No Jerks Allowed” Rule. We have the most free and open forum available to anyone with a suggestion, complaint or gripe. Not using that that communication and just complain publicly and privately makes you a Drama Queen, taking further actions, makes you a Jerk. These terms should be self-explanatory. Anyways, the T-Shirt company responded to our request and took the page down.

New Scooters…

A quick glance at the Major Scooter Manufactures shows some notable changes. Gone is the S-Max from Yamaha’s US line up. The S-Max was an 155cc version that is available in other markets. All that is left is the awesome X-Max and the 125cc Zuma. On Suzuki’s Website, only s Scooters are listed as well. The Burgman now comes in 2 flavors, 200cc & 400cc. Gone is the mighty Burgman 650. Genuine Scooters in Chicago still has a full line of Scooters, including the Buddy 170i. The big news from Genuine is the release of The Royal Alloy 300. A very nice clone of the original Lambretta with Modern Mechanicals that features a Piaggio based engine. The US Market for Scooters has never been a priority for the Manufactures. This is why we usually get limited options as opposed to the rest of the world. Vespa on the other hand has their whole like up for sale in the states. A restyled Vespa 300 is new this year, as is a special edition Justin Beiver Primavera 150. A special “Year Of The Rabbit’ 946. Happy Shopping!

Join Us…

It is easy to join us! Members get invitations to our Members only events as well as getting a cool T-Shirt! The Hornets Scooter Club and The Long Island Vespa Club host weekly events and rides when the Long Island NY weather permits. Use these links below to join us…

The Hornets Scooter Club
We welcome all Scooterists and all Scooters. Founded in 1999.

The Long Island Vespa Club
For our Vespa riding friend, an official chapter of The Vespa Club Of America.

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  1. Mark Schwartz says:

    Hi Angelo, I am a new member and LOVE your posts and buzz e-mails. Thanks for sending this and for making me smile. I am looking forward to my first ride with you guys.

    Hope to meet you “live” soon.

    Mark ________________________________


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