The Buzz #28


HICKSVILLE, NEW YORK – MARCH 18: An image of the sign for an iHop restaurant as photographed on March 18, 2020 in Hicksville, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

This is certainly a regular thing from now on. Once a month we will invite our Members to a Brunch at a different location. Yesterday it was at IHOP in Hicksville at 1pm. We had such a good time. No Scooters as it was too cold. A short hop around the block, may be cool, but we have members from all over Long Island. We do not want them to freeze on the way. IHOP was heavenly, it was warm, the food was great, the service was awesome. This month’s Sunday Scooter Brunch’s locations was picked by Mary P. She picked this place because of it central Nassau County position and of course the Internationally famous food. Send in your suggestions for next Month’s Brunch, please! Thank you to everyone that came out, we will see you next week as usual at the Sunday Swarm at Town Bagel in Plainview. Mm


After spending even a short time in the Hospital, the food at IHOP was more than just a treat. I am a Diabetic Type 2. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not had Healthcare for many years and have been unable to treat it or my Heart Condition. I think my Tank ran empty at 150 Pounds and I got very sick. I did not realize I lost so much weight and my body went into shock. A kind of starvation due to Diabetes. I am working with the Doctors and as of Jan 1, I do have healthcare. I am back on Diabetes Meds and trying to gain weight. The best meds came in the form of those of you that wished me luck, prayed for me and more. The Hugs I got at yesterday’s Brunch was a shot in the arm, no Hospital could have ever prescribed. I always say this is a Family, a Friends Club first and the past 2 weeks of being sick, proved me right. Thank you my friends, I am getting better day by day and me & my Vespa will be fit as a fiddle soon enough! Mm


This weeks new member is Mark S. from Suffolk County. He has a 50cc Scooter & a 250cc Motorcycle. We cant wait for it to warm up a bit so we can Swarm together! All New members as of January 1st will receive a cool Club T-Shirt and invites to our events, both Public & Members Only. Thank you for being part of the Oldest Active Scooter Club in the NYC/LI Area. We have been welcomIng Long Island’s Scooter Lovers since 1991. Scoot on!

To become a member of the Hornets
Click Here
To become a member of The Long Island Vespa Club
Click Here


We tried a new supplier for our shirts but they are way too slow to ship. I am using my Presidential powers to place and ship all T-Shirts that have been delayed, today, no matter the cost. There is no price on looking good on your Scooter. “Una Fina Figurina” is what the Italians say. It means “A Fine Figure” and you will certainly fit that description in one of our T-Shirts. We are sorry for any problems these delays may have caused.


The Sunday Swarm.

The Longest Running Scooter Meet Up in the NYC/LI Area.
1133 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803

While it is the middle of January and riding to this event may not be a good idea, you will have nothing to prove and nether do we. You do not even have to have a Scooter. We meet anyways for Breakfast. We actually like each other, LOL! This would be an awesome opportunity to pick our Scooter Obsessed brains. Nobody, nobody has the experience we have. We have helped many buy or upgrade their Scooters. We can assist you with getting your MC License too. It is also a great opportunity to come meet us. You can also have an awesome Breakfast with your fellow Scooter minded folks! Scoot On… Mm

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