The Buzz #27

First, let me apologize for missing last week’s Buzz. I have been sick and I need to take a break. I have not recovered from what seems to be a Stomach Virus, but getting better every day. All my projects including “The Buzz” came to a halt and again, I apologize & thanx for your well wishes…

The First Sunday Swarm of 2023…

January is not the best time for Swarming. It was 30 degrees, but kind of Sunny. Regardless, we hoped in our 4 wheeled things and met up for Breakfast at Town Bagel in Plainview. As noted, we do not expect many to show during the Winter months, but they did show for the first Swarm of the year. It was great seeing everyone and the company was a good as the Bagels are. I shot some video and there will be an update soon as it gets published. Stay Tuned!

The First Scooter Brunch of 2023!

Our Monthly Scooter Brunches are now officially in swing. It is colder and meeting up Every Sunday in the morning is not always convenient or comfortable. So, last year’s Holiday Brunch was such a success, it is now a regular thing. Every month we will meet up for Brunch at 1pm at a different location. Our Members have already been invited and will receive an a reminder in their email box.

Want to be invited? Want to be a Member? Click below & follow the instructions…

Click here to Join The Hornets and you will also get a cool T-Shirt!

Click here to join The Long Island Scooter Club and you will get a cool T-Shirt!

Please note:

  • We DO NOT have a big stack of T-Shirts, they are ordered one at a time when a new member joins.
  • Existing members that joined before Jan. 1 2023 do not have to “Re-Join”.
  • Those members that subscribed prior to Jan. 1 were “Grandfathered” for FREE in using their email address. Members that refused to subscribe were not.
  • They Jan. 1 receive invitations and updates, Free and will for Life.

If there any questions call me at 516.653.4872 or Contact Us

The T-Shirt is available in our Gift Shop…
Click here to Visit Our Gift Shop!

Yamaha Update…

A recent look at Yamaha’s Website shows a noticeable lack of the S-Max in the US lineup. The S-Max is smaller version of the X-Max (Pictured above). The X-Max has been a powerhouse of sales and popularity here in the states and around the globe. The bigger brother to both of these is the T-Max. It is in the 600cc range. It was discontinued in the US a few years ago. We are a “Bigger is better” Type of country, but the T-Max was besides somewhat complicated, it was also expensive. This writer thinks the X-Max threads the needle so well that its smaller and larger sibling are not needed. I mention price. The X-Max is a bargain. For the same price as 150cc Vespa, you get a 292cc Highway capable Scooter of the highest quality. A 300cc Vespa is close to $10,000 and more. Not everyone is looking for a retro style with the European style. We highly recommend the Yamaha X-Max as a vary capable alternative.

Thank you all for the well wishes & Scoot On…
Marbles Mahoney/Angelo

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Martin says:

    Please send me a medium hornets shirt, happy to pay for it and the postage
    1 Riding Lane
    Savannah GA 31411
    Waiting at my mail box.
    Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jim Zeiser says:

    A couple of years ago Bill Leuthold of MV rode his xmax from Florida to Maine. Then across Maine, Vermont and into to NY before heading back to his home on Florida. Seems like interstate travel to me on a 300cc scooter/


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