The First Rule Of The Hornets…

We had an interesting year. It was our first full year out of Covid’s quarantines. We began regular riding and started taking longer journeys. Our longest was to Shelter Island, voted on by the members. One thing that was not familiar to us, was a member turning against us. We found this out on Shelter Island, when a member confessed to sabotaging our Pizza Swarm. For the first time in our history, we had to remove some members as a result. The ensuing drama was called “Pizzagate” We gave them ample opportunity to make amends, instead they continued to spread lies and tried to turn us into a Motorcycle club. Some of these members even sold their Scooters & bought Motorcycles. They broke up many friendships, hurt many people, including me. These are the facts, they can not be changed. We look forward however to the day that they realize friendship is more important than what kind of bike you ride.

We are a Scooter Club. Formed by Scooterist for Scooterists. Motorcycle riders are always welcome, many of our members ride both. This was one of their lies, saying we were anti-motorcycle. We are not, but do not try to tell us that a Motorcycle is superior. We will always be a Scooter Club first & foremost. There are 100’s of MC Clubs on LI and there is us. Along with our sister club, The Long Island Vespa Club, we represent Long Island’s Scooter Riders and always will.

For 23 years, we have been an open club without any real rules. Yet somehow some people find things to complain about, LOL. So to that end I introduce our First Rule & it takes affect immediately…

If you can not either, “Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way” as our new motto says, then perhaps it is good that you, Scoot On. However if you want to be a part of a Family of dedicated Scooter Riders, Join Us. You will get this cool T-Shirt too. We are not only looking for Scooter Riders, we are looking for friends. If you want to be a part of the oldest Scooter Club in the NYC/LI area, Join Us. However, if you just want to use us as an enabler to be a Jerk, you may be told to… Scoot On.

Marbles/Angelo Founder & President

The First Rule Of The Hornets…

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