The Buzz #25


Who knew? Seinfeld is a Scooter guy!

Jerry Seinfeld. He is a fellow Long Islander & he rides a 1959 Lambretta. That alone is worthy of our attention & respect. The Lambretta was the chief rival of Vespa during the 50’s thru the 70’s during those halcyon days of Scootering. The Scooters of that time were much simpler and easy to maintain. For that reason they are also timeless. A well maintained 59 Lammy could probably outlast a shiny new Vespa 300 at a fraction of the cost.

Jerry himself is pretty timeless too. His famous TV show was one of the greatest to ever hit the airwaves. It is still the benchmark of not only other comedy shows but any TV show in terms of popularity and longevity. His reruns will probably outlast his Lambretta.

He “gets it” too. It isn’t just some rich famous guy’s trophy to him. He gets the culture, the style and the fun of it all. When you own a Scooter, you are part of that culture, that history and your style is only enhanced by the ultimate accessory, The Scooter. Any kind, it could be a vintage Lambretta, a Honda or a Vespa like mine. Either way we want to welcome Mr. Jerry Seinfeld to our Club as an Honorary Member.

The Sunday Swarm…

This year, our Sunday Swarm is on the holidays, so we take a break so you can swarm with your families at this time. We hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic New Year. We know you can not wait to ride, but the cold makes getting together on 2 wheels a little difficult. Short trips are fine, but long rides on our Long Island may not be so fun. Our Swarms will begin in January with our first Scooter Brunch of the year. Once a month we will be meeting up for Brunch at a different location & time instead of our usual spot in Plainview. Brunch locations are selected by our members. This gives us all a chance to sit down and get to know each other during the winter months and check out different locations.

A Message From Marbles…

I want to thank everyone for making this riding season awesome. Your courage, your passion and your friendship is very valued by me. I started this club to bring Scooter Riders on Long Island together as a pretense to bring a group of friends together. Riding a Scooter may be easier than to make friends, perhaps, but we give you the chance anyway. I have big plans for next year, but they all depend on you. You to suggest. You to participate. You to enjoy. It also depends on you being a member! New members receive a cool T-Shirt, invites to our events and that unique chance to be in Long Island’s only Scooter Club and being a part of mine and Long Islands only Scooter Family.

Scoot On…
Marbles Mahoney / Angelo J. Liguori
Founder & President

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hoppy and Healthy New Year to you and Redrum….Be well my Friend


  2. Jerry says:

    I’ve been riding with the Hornet and coming on the Sundays that l could…..what is this now that l have to re-register or something????


    1. You do not have to re-register. I will look into any issues. You will receive an invite to all our events via email. I am sorry Jerry, for the confusion! Call me with any questions, anytime @ 516.652.4872 Mm


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