The Buzz #23

The Scooter Brunch!

Another year has passed and celebrating it was our destination this weekend. Old friends and new met up at the recently re-opened Broadway Diner in Hicksville for a 1pm Brunch. Those that could make it had a great time and we hope those that could not make it had a good time too. It was noted to me, that the “attitude” of the club had changed from last year’s holiday party for the better. “Lead, Follow or get out of the Way” is our new moto and we are thankful to those that have taken either of those choices. Those of us that showed up for our Holiday Brunch affirmed some of the things that make us who we are. Who are we? We are Long Island’s Scooter Club and have been for almost 24 years. We welcome all kinds of Scooters and all kinds of Scooterists with one exception. That exception is “Drama Queens”. Over the years we have had members that want to create issues within our club to draw attention to themselves. This year was no different. As if riding a Scooter on LI is not enough drama, LOL. They fail because there are no real issues and if there are, we talk about it face to face, just like you see in the pic at the left. No dysfunctional types in this group. That is our Forum, face to face, friend to friend, Scooterist to scooterist, in the open. Perhaps it is a little old school, but a smile & a handshake work better than a text and email. It was also noted that all of us seem to have have “A never give up” attitude. That is true and as the guy that keeps this all together, I could not be more pleased with our membership. Again, I want to personally than those that have gotten out of the way of being more than just a Scooter Club, but a group of great friends. I also want than everyone for helping lead us into the future together and to all that follow us on the high road to that future. Scoot On… Angelo aka Marbles Mahoney

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