This Sunday we will meet up at 1pm for a Holiday Brunch at The recently Re-Opened Broadway Diner on RT 107 in Hicksville. But – before that, please remember to drop off an unwrapped Toy at the North end of the Sears Parking Lot, also on Rt 107. This Toy “Run” has been a tradition for many years. This was once one of the Largest Toy Run Events on the East Coast. The “Run” part of it has been cancelled due to Covid once again. The Toys go to St Christopher’s Church in Sea Cliff. Not just a Church, it is a hospital for very Handicapped Kids. I will be speaking with the people who run this thing to see what more we can do to help. We hope you can do this and hope to see you at the Diner soon after. It may be a bit cold for your Scooter, so use your judgement on what kind of vehicle you use.

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