The Scooter Brunch…

The Long Island Vespa Club

Starting this month and every month, once a month we will have a new meet up. Designed to bring more of us together to get to know each other better for more than just riding. We are a family that is growing and we will meet at a different location every month to try and accommodate everyone on the very long island of ours. Everyone is welcome to suggest a place like a Restaurant, Diner or Café.

This will be more of a “Meetup” than a ride, but you never know what riding plan may develop afterwards, LOL. Our target Meet up time will be 1PM. Ride together, alone or whatever, just end up at the brunch around 1PM. The later meetup time will allow some of you to sleep a little later as well as letting it warm up a bit during the winter months.

Join us to get…

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