Buzz #22

Holiday Brunch/Toy Run Update

First the good news is that the Toy Run at Sears is still collecting Toys and will be doing so on the same day as our Holiday Brunch. Right up the block on Rt 106/107 from the recently re-opened Broadway Diner in the old Sears Parking Lot, you can bring an unwrapped Toy. They go to the handicapped kids at St Christopher’s Church in Sea Cliff.

The Bad News is there is no Run, no ride. The fear of exposing the already sick kids at St. Christopher’s to Covid & whatever else, dictates that we all do not show up there. This is by their request. Yes, there are other Toy Runs and we hope you participate in them, but this is the one we have supported for almost 20 years. It has been an annual tradition and lets continue the giving if we can not do the riding.

Speaking of Traditions, Our Holiday Party paused for the Covid too, but came back last year when we gathered at Piccolo Pizza near the Bellmore RR where we were founded. This year we start lots of new traditions and we start off with the Holiday Brunch. A less formal get together at a Diner on a Sunday afternoon is our new thing. We have talked about it at our in person meetings. It is agreed that especially during the winter months, a monthly and later meet up would be more convenient.

Traditions become traditions by continuing to do them. So we will do this once a month at a different location, just to keep things interesting. Diners seems to be a dying breed on our Long Island, so maybe we should check them out before they disappear all together. Diners also let everyone order whatever they want. It also affords us the chance to meet new members that may be close to that month’s location.

Broadway Diner, 287 North Broadway Hicksville, NY

See you next Sunday around 1PM at The Broadway Diner in Hicksville at…
287 N Broadway, Hicksville, NY, United States, New York

The Sears Parking Lot is just south of the Diner on the east side of 106/107
Please bring an unwrapped Toy, please…

Here is the 411 on Facebook…

Scoot On… Angelo Liguori aka Marbles Mahoney

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