The Buzz #19

The Sunday Swarm was on Saturday…

It is not easy to go to Cuamsett State Park. Like most State Parks in New York, it takes a $8 Fee to Park. Many of our members have been reluctant to pay any fee for any reason, so we usually pass it by and end up at Target Rock, just up the road. However they stop charging a fee on the weekends and after 3pm after October 30th. The problem has always been that by the time November rolls around it is too cold to make the trip. Located in Lloyds Harbor, the ride up there is breathtaking. The Fall colors made it even more so. Making this trip even more unusual is that it took place on Saturday. This Sunday Swarm happened a day early because of the ever changing weather. 71 degrees and Sunny in November meant that it was time to seize the day. Flexibility is the name of the game as the seasons end. The Weather man is your best friend these days. The following Sunday was wet & cold with a high of only 50 degrees. That gave us 21 more reasons to ride on Saturday. Besides the fact that it also wet leaf season, we decide to err on the side of caution – and Warmth! LOL It was a great day, the 3 of us kept it kinda short and wound up the day, going our separate ways from Huntington.

Welcome New Subscribers…

We have a lot of new Subscribers, both here and at The Long Island Vespa Club. Now that the season of Scooting is turning colder there will obviously be less stories about our rides. However, we will still be doing “Meet Ups” on Sunday for Breakfast or perhaps Brunch over the winter. We have been doing this for years. As I often write, we are a family and despite Winter’s hibernation cycle, we enjoy each other’s company, even without our trusty Scooters. Stay tuned for some unique events designed to keep us in contact over the winter.

The Blast From The Past…

From a ride we did in 2009 to Leeds Pond on LI’s North Shore. It is a little shaky as I was riding my 2 Stroke Stella that Day and the that’s the way it is! Scoot On…

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