The Buzz #18

Thank You Mr. November!

The Weather Gods smiled upon us on Sunday. Record breaking temps brought us out for another fun ride. The theme was a “Fall Foilage Ride” and it did not disappoint. The Northeast in Fall can be tricky for a Scooter Club. Some years by this time, we are putting our trusty steeds away for the Winter. Not this year. While we cant control the weather, we certainly can control how we use it.

We had a great meetup at Town Bagel in Plainview as usual. 9 Scooters, 5 Motorcyles for those that keep score. We always have and always will welcome Motorcyclists to ride with us. It has always been our tradition. Those that say otherwise are just plain lying. Lying.

Our destination was West Meadow Beach in Stony Brook. This beach has one hell of view as you can see in the pictures. This is one of the most photographed spots on Long Island. However our picture taking was not the focus of the day. Riding was, taking advantage of the Weather and the Scenery was our priority.

From this far flung spot, we had Jerry lead us on an amazing journey through the Stony Brook/Northport area thru post card perfect scenes of Fall. She is a MC Safety Instructor that helps us stay safe as well. Some areas were awash with wet leaves, but our intrepid riders motored on through with style and ease. Thank you Jerry!

We ended up at Vespa Chop House for Brunch. While the name is cool, it might not be a regular stop. We want to thank everyone for coming out to Scoot with us in November!

Thank You…

Let’s thank Lauren for bringing us all these cool gifts. She brought us Safety Manuals, Bumper Stickers and all kinds of cool stuff to help raise our Safety Awareness. Even a DVD, that I have to watch now. Safety has always been a cornerstone of all our doings. Some do not take it seriously and do not like being told to ride safely. To them we say “Ride Safely and you will not have to be told anything”. Lauren rides a Motorcycle but has been pat of our club a long time. She rides with The Chai Riders a lot, along with Joe No, one of our admins. In fact she is on the cover of the Website.

Many people do not know the deep roots we have in both the Scooter and Motorcycle world. We have been around for over 20 years and have friends, members and connections all around the world. Thank you again, so much Lauren for looking out for us.

Winter Is Coming.

Despite the recent awesome weather, Old Man Winter is on his way. Now is the time to start getting ready. Figure where you are going to store your scooter is first. Then consider a Battery Tender to keep that Battery charged, conditioned and ready to rock. We do not recommend riding in the Snow at any time.

It has been quite a year.

It has been a notable year for the Long Island Scooter Scene. The Hornets entered their 23rd year of Scootering on NY’s Long Island. The Long Island Vespa Club became an official chapter of The Vespa Club Of America and we welcomed more new members. With our ups, we had our downs. Some members, sold their Scooters, some moved away, some even tried to take over the club, LOL. However, the deep friendships we have made endured as usual. As Bugs Bunny says “You have to break a few Eggs to make an omelet”. I am pleased to report that we are one hell of an Omelet.

Scoot On…
Angelo J. Liguori aka Marbles Mahoney

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  1. Reblogged this on The Long Island Vespa Club and commented:

    Another great day for the Long Island Vespa Club!


  2. Anthony Lopilato says:

    Angelo “Marbles”,…
    You are a gentleman and a complete pleasure to hang with.
    Thanks for the ride yesterday.
    It was spontaneous and a very much needed break from reality.
    I appreciate you welcoming me into the group.
    If there’s anything I can ever do to help you promote your club/rides, just let me know.
    All the best,
    Tony PX200E


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