Indian Summer?

Hopefully that term does not offend anyone. The Weather is not offending anyone, however. It is going to be in the 70’s this weekend on Long Island and we have a ride planned! Originally this ride was planned as a Fall Foliage ride that may have been our last for the season. However as long as this warm weather is with us, we will be riding.

The destination is one Long Island’s most photographed sites. That being said, I never heard of it and I am an Artist/Photographer. The place is called Porpoise Channel and it is in Stony Brook…

Thank you Sean Mills for the awesome photo of Gamecock Cottage on Youngs Island. I am told that this is well known Fishing spot as well. At one time there were many cottages at this site. After Hurricane Sandy they were destroyed, except for this one. It is obscure nd beautiful, especially now with the leaves changing color. Bring your Camera! We will try to end up with Brunch at the Vespa Restaurant in Northport…

Here is the event on Facebook…

See you on Sunday! 10am! Town Bagel, Planview!

Scoot On…

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