Buzz #16

“All The News that’s fit to get Buzzed Over”

A Wet Swarm…

Well, the rain was not our friend this weekend and our Halloween Ride was cancelled. A few of us met up anyway at Town Bagel for Breakfast. Those of us that rode, got to ride home in the Rain. We are going to put together a spooky ride for next Sunday, which is the day before Halloween. The weather was great on Saturday and we hope you all got a chance to take advantage of it. As always. As always, (yes I said it twice) everyone is free to meet up and ride whenever, wherever they want. This has always been the way. Everyone is free to make an event on our Facebook page and it always has been that way. Nobody needs to be told that, but some do, it seems. All we ask is that the ride plans should not conflict with others. I guess I should repeat it more often. We will add something to the FAQ page asap. If you have an idea for a ride that is on a Sunday, just let us know and we will promote it as a Sunday Swarm, so there is no confusion. This has also always been the way.


Another thing that has always been our way is how to become a member. It could not be simpler. Show up to any of our events on a Scooter and your in. Period. No dues, no forms, no questions asked. You will even get a Sticker. This way we know you are for real. We put a lot of stock in a Handshake. Motorcycles are always welcome as our Guests. We are a first and foremost a Scooter Club. We are run by Scooterists, for Scooterists. We always welcome everyone, including our other 2 wheeled and even 3 wheeled friends to be our guests on any ride they want. You can also read that in the FAQ and on our Facebook Page. This has also always been the way. Show up on a Scooter and you are in, that is really are only requirement for Membership.

Facebook has been changing the rules on both Pages and groups, making them difficult to manage both. Our Public page has been around just as long as the group page, for a dozen years. It has over 10K likes and serves the same purpose as the group. It allows everyone to post & comment completely free and open to all. It is more secure for now, until Facebook changes the rules again. Facebook has been on a tear to make things less private, so their advertisers can troll you, groups and pages. They have even made anonymous posting as the default (It has been turned off). Our group became a Call List to more than just advertisers and there was no way within the latest Facebook rules that it could continue. My apologies, I worked very hard to not eliminate it. I know the Facebook rules are not your concerns, so having just one page should be easier. We just have to scoot on on here…

Old Man Winter…

As the riding season winds down, we are dealing with Rain events at the moment. Soon it will be Snow. The Big Scooter Rally by the NYC Vespa Club was cancelled due to rain and now our Horrible Halloween Ride. The Cold is on its way early this year, so get out your Winter Gear. Get a cover for your Scooter as well, even if it is inside. If you are going to store you Scooter somewhere this Winter, make your you put a Trickle Battery Charger on it. This will keep the battery Charged and Conditioned for when you emerge from Winter. You can get one here at this cool website:

About This Site…

This site is hosted by WordPress. The Dot Com costs about $35 a year and we have 2 of them. I, me, Angelo J. Liguori aka Marbles Mahoney pay for the hosting and anything else out of my pocket. The various fees come to about $150 a year. I have been doing this for 20 Years. One of our Facebook Admins, Joe No, paid for our Dot Com for a few years and we are very grateful. The Hornets is not a money making operation nor is it supposed to be. It is a Friend making operation. The cost of friendship can not be measured by any fee. However anyone that wants to help, we always accept volunteers and donations. I am a Web Designer by trade and I do all the maintenance, updating and the graphics in my free time. The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to this site. All it takes is typing your email in the field below. It will not be used for any other purpose.

Scoot On…
Angelo J. Liguori aka Marbles Mahoney

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