Vintage VS Modern…

Old VS New, get it right!

The Long Island Vespa Club

Vintage, Classic, Modern, Used, Whatever… It is very obvious to this writer that the terms are not used in a way to make everyone understand, which is which. Above you see a picture that shows many of the obvious differences, but it is more than size and shape that make up those differences. The comparisons in this article are based on US specifications and availability.

First and foremost, 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke powerplant draw the line quite clearly. 2 Strokes run a mixture of Oil & Gas and 4 Stroke, just run on Gas. Look it up, I do not have all day to splain that to ya… Generally speaking if it is a Vespa older than 1988, it is a 2 stroke, and a 4-Speed with a hand clutch. That is the year that Piaggio pulled out of selling Vespas in the US. They returned in 2001 with…

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