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“All The News That’s Fit To Get Buzzed Over”

Vespa Fest 2022 – Oct 02, 9AM – 5PM

The NY Vespa Club.

This weekend marks the return of Scooter Rallies to the NY/LI area. Not since the legendary Gotham Rallies (and our own “Scootstock” Ten years ago) has anyone tried to do a rally around here. Lucky for us, it is on Long Island! We have all been invited, personally by the Founder & Leader of The NY Vespa Club, Rob to join in. We requested that all brands of Scooters are welcome and they kindly said yes. While it has been a pleasure to assist them, this is not our event and it is run their way. Please respect their wishes and RSVP HERE

It takes place at Valley Stream State Park, located at exit 14 west bound Southern State Parkway, Valley Stream State Park Rd, Valley Stream, NY 11580, USA. It starts at 9 and ends at 5, so you have all day to get there, LOL. This group is the nicest bunch of people that have come out of the NY Scooter Scene in a long time and we are very happy to get along with them. I am not only a fan, I am a member!

Here is what to expect from the 1st Vespa rally in New York brought to you by the NYC Vespa Club…
A full day of Scootering pride and joy. Gymkhana competition (obstacle Course), slow speed competition (The Slow Race), show and shine (Show Off your Scoot), live music (around Noon by our official band Strange But Surf), Again, it is open to all Vespas and scooters!!! CU there!

Our Family Is Growing…

People come and people go and some stick around and that what makes us a Family. Besides many new people joining in on our swarms, we have a new bundle of Joy to welcome. Long time member Steve has become the Grandfather to a bouncing baby girl. Lets wish the parents & Steve lots of Luck and Love! Our members become family pretty quickly when they realize we are more than a Scooter Club, we are a “Friends Club”. Speaking of welcoming, we have several new members and we wish them a hearty welcome as well…

Do Not Fall For Fall…

The Fall riding season is upon us. As we leave Summer behind, it is Leaves that we have to look out for. Not only wet ones but the piles can conceal Potholes and other dangers. Be sure to also up your gear game with some warmer clothes. The days may still be warm, but the mornings and evening are already getting chilly. Be careful…


This is a story I do not want to write, so I will get right to the point… Gary Mann confessed on Shelter Island to sabotaging the Pizza Swarm this summer. His exact words were “I have been talking on the phone to people about Pizza night” – “I have been telling them the reason that I will not go to Pizza night is that you do not listen to meHim. I do not listen to him, he said. Note that. He said that “I do not listen to his suggestions”. It all seemed surprisingly narcissistic. Perhaps if he made some suggestions worth listening to, I would listen. I guess he is right. I respond to inappropriate suggestions with a smile and thank you. Since the guy sold his Scooter and bought a Motorcycle, those suggestions have been more and more inappropriate for a Scooter Club. I discussed this with him, more than once, and was blown off every time, several times. He also made it clear how he felt about me, during his puzzling rant – in not so nice a way.

A little history here of what happened this summer. I moved to Brentwood and Glen suggested that I “make things easier on myself” and move the Pizza Swarm someplace closer to me. Not being one to dictate, I asked another long time Pizza Swarmer Mike, to pick a place, since he knew the area better than me. He picked a place, came once, twice and nobody showed after that, The other regulars mysteriously disappeared. Now we know why. It seems Gary has some kind of Axe to grind against me and he hurt the entire club as a result. He hurt me too. We are strong and we wont let one man ruin it for us all. The Pizza Swarm will return after a bit of re-organization.

The fact that he has confessed to this makes it easier to deal with. I need not say anything, I do not have to make any accusations, he confessed. He has said it all. It still is not easy. I considered this man a close friend, a member of our family. I asked him over and over to explain himself and he refused. I still remain friends with him on FB in hopes that he would reach out and apologize to me and us all. Not only has he hurt the club, he has hurt me, personally. I have run this club for 23 years, we have had lots of issues, but Drama is an issue we do not need. We are a Drama Free Club, if you want to bring yelling and screaming and bad vibes to a meet, leave that stuff home. If you have problem, let us know, like a family member would. We are adults. It is with great sorrow that we must say goodbye to Gary Mann but the door is always open. We wish him the best and hope he finds the happiness he did not find with us.

Scoot On… Marbles Mahoney

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  1. A somewhat sad Buzz, but me must Scoot On…


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