So, What Is Up Next?

The NYC Vespa Club.

First off, we want to thank everyone that made our Swarm to Shelter Island a really Epic ride. It has been a long time since we did a long ride on our Island of Long. Our Members old and new made it with no problems, like we do the ride everyday. Piece of cake. Another ride for the History books. Speaking of history, there is a lot in this article…

We have another slice of cake for you. The first Scooter Rally in the NY Area since we threw ours over 10 years ago. We had an annual Rally hosted by Marbles at his house called “Scootstock” that was in coordination with his famous Music Festival, “Twangstock”. These epic events came to end when Marbles could no longer afford the burden of paying for everything by himself.

It is called “Vespa Fest 2022” and it is hosted by our friends, The NYC Vespa Club. President of their Club, Rob has come down and invited us in person. He has been working with us behind the scenes to make this event welcomes everyone that loves Scooters, not just Vespas. Not just Vespas. I said it twice, so some of you will get it. All brands of Scooters are WELCOME. You can RSVP with the link below.

It happens in 2 weeks…
WHEN: Sun, Oct 02
WHERE: Valley Stream exit 14 west bound ssp

You can expect…
Gymkhana competition (That is an Obstacle Course)
slow speed competition.
Show and shine,
Live Music
Open to all Vespas and scooters!!!

We are also helping by providing the entertainment. Our official band, Strange But Surf will be performing. Yes, that includes, me Marbles Mahoney on Drums, so this would be a good time to catch the band that was formed by the members of this club & continues to this day. We have open for the B-52s a few times, Los Lonely Boys & more. In fact we are booked at a the most famous Tiki Bar in NYC until 2024 called “Ottos Shrunken Head”.

We are very grateful to the NYC Vespa Club for choosing a spot on Long Island, Valley Stream State Park. We are also thankful that they have opted to open the event for all Scooters, not just Vespas. The NYC Vespa Club are our neighbors and a really doing a great job of providing the Area with a real Scooter Club that actually rides Scooters. The NYC Vespa Club is a members only group and does not always open their events to the public, but we again thank them for inviting us and everyone. We should thank them back with a big turnout!


You can become a member, I did! It only costs $35. Click the link below…

Scoot On… Mm

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  1. Martin says:

    Is the ride only for those with a Vespa, only kidding.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. LOL, I am not sure… LOL


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