Buzz #11

“All The News To Get Buzzed Over” SPECIAL EDITION

2 Ferries/2 Forks/2 Cool

We did it! That is the short story. LOL. What we did was meet up early in Plainview at Town Bagel. A quick breakfast later we were on our way to our Suffolk meet up at Dunkin Donuts in Hauppauge. We met our newest members, Tina & Debbie and did not waste our time and once we were all together, we hit the road. As it was early, there was very little traffic and we choose to use the LIE. Not the Service Road, but the main Expressway. We usually avoid the Highway riding, but it was not a problem. A little windy perhaps. Next up was the William Floyd Pkwy, which was virtually empty. All this highway riding, early on, really caused to make some great time. Eventually on our Island of Long, the highways disappear. Once on the North Shore, the only road that matters is 25/25A. It is the Route 66 of Long Island. Vast farmlands, quaint little towns & trees everywhere. It is like riding thru a Painting. We went past a dozen or so Wineries like Pindar & Osprey Dominion. Antique stands, Farm stands and all kinds of Vintage sights abounded. Anyone of these places would have been a fine destination alone, but we were on a mission…

That mission involved picking up the North Ferry in Greenport. The views are priceless but the Ferry is not. We forked over our 8 Bucks to the First Mate & headed to Shelter Island’s North side. Again our timing made it easy. We were ahead of the traffic that can line up for over a mile sometimes. Our early arrival also made it possible to explore the Island. Exploring (or getting lost) is what we do best. A pre check of Google gave us a little heads up on some stops, but as usual we made it up as we went along and as usual we lucked out and found some cool places to really take in the views. We used our Googles to find a place we planned on going to have Lunch, but it was not open until 3pm. So much for our great timing! As luck was on our side, we hit the main road (RT 114) and found the very same place we had been too, all the other times we did this ride. We even sat at the same table! It was good to see everyone together, in this far flung point on Long Island that has become a tradition for us it seems. The place is called “The Islander” and we thank them for their hospitality and excellent food, which is worth the trip alone…

After Lunch, we went South, while some of us went back home on North Fork. Not everyone can spare the time and other factors sometimes make our longer ride hard for everyone to do. All our rides are subject to the individuals participation & abilities. Anyways… The Scenery was no disappointment heading to the South Ferry. It is such a cool & peaceful place. Their are many places like this on LI and we try our best to visit them. Another Ferry and another $8 dollars for a very very short ride to the South Fork of Long Island, “The Mainland” as they say. Not content to just Scoot home, we explored the South Hampton Area and found an old favorite Meshuut Beach. Site of Tiki Joes, Tiki Bar and a former destination of ours, many years ago. We tried to hit the Shinnecock canal, but it seem to allude our stalwart swarm…

The ride home is another challenge. The Sunrise Highway is an Iron butt of a ride for sure. Once on it is a 60 mile trek until you get to “Civilization”. As always, however we do not have a pre set ending and let everyone pick their own way back. After 20 miles some of us picked up Suffolk County Rt 111 and headed up North again. Many of us live in Central LI, so this, along with our early departure made it an easy ride for everyone. Everyone got home safe and that is always our #1 priority. My heartfelt thanx goes out to all of our members that took on this challenge. Even those that did not come along, we know you were rooting us on and your support was felt every mile of this epic ride.

Scoot On…
Marbles Mahoney @marblesmahoneys

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