Final Checklist: 2 Forks / 2 Ferries

Get ready for our biggest ride of the year! While fun and exciting, it can only be that way is we all are ready. It is a long ride and we will be only stopping as needed for Gas, Traffic & Ferries. We will have lunch on Shelter Island, but you should have a good breakfast. If you are doing that at the meet ups, eat fast, because we will not wait. We leave at 730am. We will meet our Suffolk Swarm in Hauppauge soon after at 8am and will be off to Shelter Island.

Be aware of these things…

Keep up! Ride in Staggered Formation! If you cant do this, stay home.

Keep up! Ride in Staggered Formation! If you cant do this, stay home.


Beep your horn if there is a problem, like getting stuck at a light OR RUNNING LOW ON GAS. There are not a lot of Gas stations, so we will make a few strategic stops.

Gas. Show up with a full tank & monitor your usage.

Water. Bring some, we will be making stops for gas and you can get more then.

Medications. If you take them, bring them, its ok.

Electronics. Keep them to a minimum and keep them charged. If you are fiddling with your cellphone or GPS while riding of stopped at a light, causing delays, you will be asked to leave.

We may not all be able to get on the ferries at once. We will wait for you. We always do and staying together is always our highest priority.

You do not have to do the whole ride, but you will be responsible for finding your way home.

Scoot On…. Marbles Mahoney

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