Thank You.

Thank you hardly covers it. I will try to put together the right words anyways. Our Club is more than just a Scooter Club, it is a family. Family is something I do not have a lot of and having you in this club is the same as having you in my family. For 23 years, this has been the case, despite the many people and many dramas that have come and gone. We have the best group of people we have ever had in this club. I personally depend on this and can not begin to thank you all.

Leading rides is a lot more than just being up front. It takes a lot of focus to keep track of everyone thru the lights, the turns and the many miles we cover. I can not do this alone. I also can not thank the people that have been helping me enough. From Glen up front, to Mike in the back and everyone in-between, I have confidence that I can make it. I have a bevy of experience to count on. I know I can be cranky sometimes and I am getting older and feeling it. I am not really a well man and admitting that and admitting I need help does not come easy either. As I get older however, I have to start making things easier and I thank you for your understanding.

This has been a hard year for me. Many of you know that hard times are not un-familiar to me. The regular Sunday Swarm has been a stabilizing factor to look forward too every week. My recent forced re-location has made things harder in many ways. A once a month meet up in Suffolk, does not only make it easier for the Suffolk riders, it makes it easier for me.

The Wednesday Pizza Swarms have not been that popular this summer, so lets put that on pause for a while. That will also make things easier for me. I appreciate your patience and support.

We have a big ride this weekend to Shelter Island and I say we, because it is not just me riding someplace and you following. It will be a great group effort from a great group of Scooterists from Long Island, NY, called The Hornets. See you Sunday & Scoot On… @marblesmahoneys

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