2 Forks / 2 Ferries

The 2 Forks / 2 Ferries Ride to Shelter Island is Sunday September 18th. It will be the longest Swarm we have done in a long time. The Pandemic slowed us down for a couple of years, but we are back and ready to swarm all over the Island. This will be along ride. be prepared to ride all day. If you want to participate but can not do the whole ride, come along and turn back whenever you want, we love the company, no matter how long it lasts. We will ride up the North Fork of Long Island to Greenport. There we pick up the first Ferry to Shelter Island. There we will have lunch and then tour the Island before reaching the south side of the Island. The we take a second ferry to the South Fork of Long Island. At that point we head back home along the South Side on Long Island. An adventure for sure, that you will remember for sure. Be prepared for a full day of riding, have an emergency plan and be prepared to see Long Island in a day.

Here is the Event of Facebook.

Scoot On… Mm

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