The Buzz #5

“All The News That’s Fit To Get Buzzed Over “ | Number 5 | Volume 1
Marbles Mahoney, Founder & President Of The Hornets Scooter Club.

Welcome to the 5th issue issue of our Newsletter. This online publication will attempt to sum up the week’s news, upcoming events and make things easier to follow for us all. We will also keep you informed on other Scooter News from the Scooter World at large. It is all FREE. Please Subscribe, that is FREE too. Here now the news…

Hot Rod Sunday Swarm…

We Swarmed this past Sunday into Selden on Long Island’s South Shore in Suffolk County to their Street Fair & Car Show. A very big turn there with quite a showing of some really nice Vintage, Custom & Classic 4 Wheeled things. Selden is a very scenic town with Museums and a cool vibe. We found an Umberto’s Pizza (one of our favorites) and had a cool but hot lunch. It was a very hot day. It was great ride led by Glen with Marbles riding Sweep. As always we kind of make up the routes as we go along and we as usual found the best roads to Swarm on. We than all The Hornets for coming out with us on this Hot, Hot Rod Swarm. Mm

The T-Shirt…

Official Hornets Scooter Club T-Shirts are available to help you show the world that you belong to one of the oldest active Scooter clubs in the NYC/LI Area. This is our new logo that does not annoy the Copyright Police and designed by yours truly, Marbles Mahoney. They are available at Makoa Customs! Makoa Customs (Formerly Makoa Scooters) is huge supporter of the worldwide Scooter scene. They are famous for their custom work on the Honda Ruckus. Click the link and buy a T-Shirt!

2 Forks / 2 Ferries…

Last week’s poll of our members both on and offline indicate that the “2 Forks / 2 Ferries Ride” is the ride everyone wants to do the most. This week’s Poll (see below) will ask what day works best for us, so please Vote or forever hold your throttle. What is the 2 Forks / 2 Ferries aka The 2F/2F ride, anyways?

The 2F/2F Ride is a ride to Long Island, New York’s Shelter Island. Shelter Island is in between the 2 Forks of Long Island. The only way to get there is via Ferry. The only way to get off is via Ferry. One for the North Side and one for the South. We will travel up the North Shore to Greenport & catch the North Ferry. Once on Shelter Island, we will have Lunch and head for the South Ferry on Rt 114. Then we will travel along the South Shore home.

Please Vote…

Upcoming Events…

Our weekly “Meet & Eat” Every Wednesday at 630 – 7pm. Come ready to Eat!
The longest running Scooter Ride in the NYC/LI Area. Every Dry Sunday at 9am. Be Ready to Ride!

In Other News…

2023 Vespa 300…

Our sources indicate some changes for the Vespa 300 next year. Our sources also indicated that orders for new ones are not being taken yet and that waiting lists are forming for all new models. Get to your Vespa dealer quick if you want one. Here is what we know, so far, none of this is official…
– Mirrors has an elongated hexagonal shape.
– Equipped with Smartkey lock on Vespa GTS.
– GTS rims are shiny stainless steel like Sprint.
– Vespa GTS turn signal lights upgrade LED and change shape (Round to Square) and texture.
– New details of separate license plate lights.

The Long Island Vespa Club.

Our Sister Club, The Long Island Vespa Club is now an official Chapter of The Vespa Club Of America (VCOA)! This entitles members to discounts and more when they join the VCOA. Click here to join & Scoot On…

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jerry Foster-Julian says:

    car show was in SAYVILLE not Selden


    1. I knew it was something with an S… LOL


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