The Buzz #4

“All The News That’s Fit To Get Buzzed Over “ | Number 4 | Volume 1
Marbles Mahoney, Founder & President Of The Hornets Scooter Club.

Welcome to the 4th issue issue of our Newsletter. This online publication will attempt to sum up the week’s news, upcoming events and make things easier to follow for us all. We will also keep you informed on other Scooter News from the Scooter World at large. It is all FREE. Please Subscribe, that is FREE too. Here now the news…

Honda ADV 150.

You meet the nicest people on a Honda. It is an old Advertising slogan from the 60’s. We also got to see a really nice Honda. The new ADV 150, One of our newer riders (Welcome Ken!) showed up on our first Suffolk Sunday Swarm. Yes, he was a very nice guy too, but the Scooter was very impressive. People were asking about it wherever we went. It seems like a very high quality piece with many features found on bigger sport bikes that are also much more pricey. Its rider had nothing but excellent things to say about it, except that the stock seat was not that comfortable. He replaced it with one from Corbin Seats and it all worked out in the end.


Let’s talk about Safety for a moment. This Sunday we had a brand new rider on a brand new Vespa come ride with us for the first time. It was also the first time for her riding in a group. Of course this raise our concerns for everyone’s safety. We have some riders that still have not figured out their right from their left, LOL. Anyway she had taken a Safety Course and obviously paid attention. She rode along with the Swarm like a pro, staying in formation, never falling behind and most importantly having a good time. We all did. It always more fun when everyone knows what they are doing on the road. We recommend all riders take a Safety Course, old & new. Welcome to the club, Donna!

The Suffolk Swarm.
We held our first Swarm in Suffolk this past Sunday. We met at Dunkin’ Donuts at 694 Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788. We do this on the last Sunday of the month to let our more East-er-ly members to ride with us. Our regular Swarm in Plainview scooted on as well and we all met up at Tara’s in Port Washington. Tara’s is a world famous Biker Bar known for its $1 Dollar Hamburgers and $2 Hot Dogs. We go there often. At first some of us got our signals crossed about where & why to meet. LOL. This was quite surprising as we have been making announcements for over a month, indicating that whichever meeting place was coinvent for you is cool. Some even thought that this a permanent & mandatory change in our meeting location. It was not. The only thing “Mandatory” in this club is having Fun. It only happens at the end of the month and we have enough of an Island to go to together. Riding together is what our Club is about. We are a Club of Inclusion not Exclusion. It will always be that way and everyone is always welcome as long as they respect our ways, ride safely and have fun.

Upcoming Events…

Besides our weekly Swarms, we have some large events on our horizon. We usually take a ride to “THE END” aka Montauk Point every year. However a ride to Orient Point has also been suggested too. Add to that our very popular 2 Forks, 2 Ferries Ride that has us visit both forks on Long Island via the Shelter Island Ferries.
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This Week’s Events…


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