The Buzz #3

“All The News That’s Fit To Get Buzzed Over “ | 7.25.2022 | Number 3 | Volume 1 | Marbles Mahoney, Editor In Chief

Welcome to the THIRD issue issue of our Newsletter. This Blog will attempt to sum up the week’s news & upcoming events and make things easier to follow for us all. All official announcements will come from this Website from now on. Our Facebook Page & Private Group will remain intact & this will be available there as well. It is all FREE. Please Subscribe, here now the news…

Never A Dull Moment…

Sagamore Hill, Birthplace Of The Hornets

Despite record breaking temperatures on the Island Of Long, we had a great turnout. We also welcomed a few new members! We had a lot of Motorcycles as well, and they are always welcome. We decided on a short ride to Teddy Roosevelt’s House on Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay and beyond. Our first ride many years ago was to Teddy’s place and we go back often. As always we take the long way wherever we go, so we headed up Sweet Hollow Road, right off Misery Mountain near Melville, NY. If you ride with us, these places are well known.

We came to a weird angled intersection with a stop sign. We have had trouble here before. One of our Hornets went down and I pulled over right away, we all did. I put my Vespa on the Center stand, turned my back and BAM – my bike went down too, all by itself! Now we had 2 bikes down in the middle of a 3 way intersection and 10 others trying to help and get out of the way. We picked the Scoots up, got out of the way and went on our way. Nobody was hurt but our Scooters took some cosmetic damage. I have some new scratches and a small dent and Gino is going to need a new mirror. He is getting a new X-max soon, anyways…


The Oldest Restaurant in Oyster Bay

Our next stop was also historic as well. Besides being the oldest Restaurant in Oyster Bay (est. 1897 – yes, 1897) it also was a stop on a first Sunday Swarm. They have been making Italian Ices by hand in this little shack for over 120 years. In fact the hand cranked original machine in in the backyard. They also have Hot Dogs and stuff, but their main thing is the Ices. On a 98 Degree day, it was our main thing too.

Piano Man

Billy Joel’s Motorcycle Museum.

Right across the street from Bonanza is 20th Century Cycles. That is a Motorcycle Museum owned by Billy Joel. So are all the Motorcycles. They are all Registered, Plated, Batteries charged and ready to Rock & Roll. The place is chock full of rare and cool bikes. Nothing is for sale, Billy just puts them out their for us to enjoy. He also lives nearby. Sometimes he there, sometimes not. He also shows his great taste in 2 wheeled vehicles by having his Genuine Stella with a Sidecar on display.

The Suffolk Swarm!

Every last Sunday of the month we will meet in Suffolk. We will meet at Dunkin’ Donuts at 694 Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788 at 9am, kickstands up at 10am! I hope this gives more people a chance to scoot with us from Suffolk. It will also give me a break from riding to Plainview every Sunday now that I live out here in Suffolk. The Sunday swarms at Town Bagel in Plainview will continue as usual. You can meet there and then come out to Dunkin Donuts. Stay tuned for our destination for the first Suffolk Swarm! Mm


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Scoot On… Marbles Mahoney
Founder & President
The Hornets Scooter Club Of Long Island

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