A Brief History Of The Hornets…

While it is true that we started in 1999, it took a while for the swarm to start swarming. Starting at The Bellmore RR Station on Friday nights, I started to gather up Scooterists in the area. After 2 years of Advertising in Newspapers and Scooter Magazines, somebody showed up and the riding started. After a while there were about a half dozen of us and we decided to meet on Sunday mornings. Less traffic and more time to explore the Island. There were not really any Maxi Scooters at the time and the biggest engine anyone had was a modified 172cc. Our first Sunday Swarm was to Sagamore Hill, Teddy Roosevelts home. We still ride there at least once a year.

In 2002, 4 of us did our first “Ride To The End” to Montauk Point. A 250cc, 2 150’s and an 80cc Honda made the journey. It was not easy, but we made it a point to make it an annual tradition. We have done it ever since, only missing a year or two due to circumstances beyond our control.

The die was set. A weekly meeting on Sundays & an annual Rally to Montauk Point. We were off to a good start. Our website was launched and we were on MySpace. The Swarm started growing. My Career as Internet Marketing Manager paid off and I used my talents to make us be known around the world. We were the first club from America to entered into the International Federation of Vespa Clubs. None of this was without Drama. Many other area Clubs took notice & lot of negative online discourse followed. Many did not like the fact that we were accepting of all new scooters, including asian imports and automatics. After 23 years I am happy to report that we have out lived them all.

Nowadays, we meet twice a week. Sunday to Ride, Wednesday to Eat. We enjoy great relations with the Scooter Clubs in the Area and all the copycat clubs have dissolved. Most of the other clubs were based on the Internet. Our Club is based on the road. We meet in person, not on a forum. We discuss our adventures face to face. This is the way people have communicated for millions of years and I have no desire to change anything. We have a private members only Facebook Group and a public Facebook page as well as this website. I hope you enjoy and continue to…

Scoot on… Marbles Mahoney
Founder & President

One of the first Swarms at the Bellmore RR Station.

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