Riding With The Swarm. Part 5.

This is the last in a series of Articles written to help us all have a great time when riding in a group. I am Marbles Mahoney and have been leading rides for over 20 years, so I have some knowledge on the subject of group riding. I founded The Hornets to bring Long Island Scooterists together for Fun & Friendship and for some reason, I am still doing it. I am 60 years old now & it is getting harder to do some things. I am a Heart Attack Survivor & a Type 2 Diabetic w/o Healthcare – so I want to pass on what I can, while I can. Thank you for you indulgence…

Having Fun.
Having Fun means you need to be able to be in a good mood. However if you are already not in a good mood, maybe you should reconsider riding for the moment. If you are upset, your focus & much more will be elsewhere, instead of on the road. Some of the things we have already discussed require a certain level of attention. If your attention is elsewhere and you are emotionally compromised, you probably should not be riding at all and certainly not in a swarm. I know a good ride can clear your head, just use your head before you loose your head.

Take It Easy.
Nobody is in a hurry. We all have similar speed limits and we honestly go much faster than the legal limits allow. We do this, most of the time to safely keep up with traffic. I know, I know some of our Motorcycle riders cant wait to jump on the Expressway and do 90 MPH all the way home. It is ok, just let us know! See Communication in Part 1 – We worry about you and need to know that you left the swarm safely. When we host a ride, it is for everyone that shows up and we adjust ride accordingly to everyone’s capabilities. We love you and hope these Articles make your Swarm safer and happier. Be safe & see you next Sunday.

Please Subscribe…
It has been a pleasure writing these articles and I hope you enjoyed them as much as did writing them. This Blog is updated regularly, but you will not be bombarded with emails or spam. Thanx again.

Scoot On…
Marbles Mahoney
Founder & President
The Hornets Scooter Club Of Long Island NY

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