Riding With The Swarm. Part 3.

The third article of 5 is about the “Unwritten Rules” Of The our club. This will be more entertaining, perhaps and has nothing to do with the official rules of the road. I am Marbles Mahoney, Founder & President of The Hornets Scooter Club of Long Island. I have been leading rides on a weekly basis for over 20 years now, so I know a lot about the subject from cold hard experience.

We never leave somebody behind.
If there is a breakdown of whatever kind, we will not leave you stranded. It is our hope that you are prepared in some way with Roadside assistance of some kind. If you are not prepared in this way, get prepared. It happens to best of us, riding brand new Scooters. We will stay with you until your Tow comes if need be. If there is no tow, we will help you find other options but we will always get you home, one way or another. Your safety is our primary concern. Whatever the plan was, it is over. If a group wants to go on ahead, that is cool.

Motorcycles are WELCOME!
Sometimes people do not understand this one. I believe that if I restricted our membership in any way we would not have any members at all. A lot of our members ride both Scooters and Motorcycles. It is my pleasure to give them a home where they can ride both without question.

We always beep our horn under a Bridge.
WTF? Why do we do that? LOL – Why not? We do not get a chance to be noticed, since we are usually riding smaller machines, so we use the amplification of being under a bridge to let our lower powered horns sing out and announce “Here comes The Hornets!”.

Never even think about talking about starting another Club.
This one will get you in hot water. Many have tried. The same number failed. There is only one real Scooter Club on Long Island, The Hornets. This is our 23rd year. If you have an issue, talk to me and we will fix it. We are very open and democratic here. No matter what, we are a family and you are a part of it.

We are a Family.
This is more than a Scooter Club. Some of us have known each other for over 40 years. We have shared life’s ups and down together. We not only provide an open road, but an open ear. I personally would not be here to write this if it was not for the love and compassion that I have found in this odd group of riders. They are my family and we are yours. I consider this Club, one of my greatest accomplishments. I will continue to so for everyone’s benefit for as long as I am able.

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Scoot On…
Angelo Liguori AKA Marbles Mahoney
Founder & President
The Hornets Scooter Club Of Long Island.

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