So, what is it about a Vespa?

The subject came up the other day at our weekly meeting called “The Sunday Swarm”. I think it is a subject that needs to be broadened a little bit beyond the Bagel Shop we meet at it. To simply say it is a quality product of a luxury brand sounds like marketing speak to me. Lord knows the Vespa side of things gets enough of that. So, what is it? First we will start off with the whole “Metal Body” thing. The whole thing is based on a one piece shell (frame) that is actually made up a few welded sections. In the automotive world, this would be called “Unibody”. It makes for a very strong basis for a vehicle and it also simplifies construction. This applies to all the Scooters with the Vespa name to this day. The modern Vespas are just as strong as the classic models. While the Classic/Vintage marvels are a marvel of simplicity, the modern models have modernized tremendously, but not gone too far over the top with electronics, maybe….

A Classic Vespa PX Frame

The most obvious difference between a Modern and classic Vespa is the transmission. All Moderns are Automatic, all Classics are 4 Speed Hand Shift with a Clutch. The Automatic made the Vespa more user friendly. It is what they call a “Twist N’ Go”. However it is not a Vespa invention or innovation. It is however something that Vespa made their own. Automatic Scooters are very common, but putting one on such a well known brand, meant it had to be a great one. It is, while these things to get trashed often, the Vespas reputation for reliability is well earned.

A Modern & Classic Sei Giorni model

Then we have really cool and modern 4-Stroke engines to mention. No more mixing 2-Stroke Oil in your Gas. You are not getting a run of the mill (no offence) GY6 Default motor of Asian origin (not that there is anything wrong with that) – you are getting a high quality high performance engine that are motors are built for Vespas, exclusively. They may cost more, but it also lasts. These high tech marvels are also responsible for upwards of 100 MPG. I can personally attest to that. I have also seen the speedometer hit 65 MPH.

Vespas are only sold as Vespas too, there is no low ball or cheap model. It is either a Vespa, made by Piaggio or it is not. A common GY6 Scooter could be a 1/4 of the price, but you might be hard pressed to know who actually manufactured it. That can be advantage, however having the ability to source parts from many manufactures, but you give up a whole lot of quality and reputation. It is quite a step up from a typical Scooter. After all as stated before, it is a “Luxury” brand. The biggest luxury is the quality it exudes. There are many wonderful and quality built Scooters but none match the iconic design of the Vespa. The paint, the fit and finish all scream quality. I am obviously hooked, but I have owned many different brands and types of Scooters. My affection for them comes from experience as much as it comes from the heart. Perhaps that is the difference, it is a Scooter that can add to both.
Scoot On… Mm

The President’s 2019 Primavera…

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  1. jerry says:

    Love my Vespa 300 2022

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  2. Ricardo Verde says:

    Ride one and find out!

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  3. Tommy says:

    My new 300 Touring arrives any day now (-:

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    1. l have put over 200 miles on my new 2022 Vespa 300cc scooter in the few weeks l’ve had it…..would like to get 600 miles on it so it can have it’s first service before the spring rush starts

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