New Year’s Message…

The past 2 years have been fun but trying. The Covid has made everything harder. Our desire to ride however seems impervious to the Virus. Since last year when I restarted the Pizza Swarm as the “Socially Distant Pizza Night”, I have made a commitment to keep the club going. After 20 years, I was ready to retire to be honest. My Scooters were broken, and so was I. A lot has changed for me and for the better. A year ago to the day, I devised a plan to buy a new Vespa. This was more than just something to have, but it was something that was needed if I was to properly lead this club through these hard times. I needed to properly lead myself out of a powerful depression that took hold of me as well. Well, “Vespa Therapy” worked for both me and the club. 3000 miles of it cleared out my head and put us back out on the road for sure. We had great attendance on Sundays to ride and so many came out to our Pizza Swarm that I am going to keep that up thru the winter. Stay tuned however to this website for updates. Now, we go into our 23rd year. Our history has been dramatic, infamous and well documented. We still stand for friendship, fun and adventure. We are still as open a club as we first started and of that I am most proud. Everyone is welcome, is our way, to this day. I am committed to keeping things fun and active during the winter months. We will still meet as usual when the weather permits, but I have some events planned to keep us together without our Scooters. Again, stay tuned and… Scoot On. Mm

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