Our New Online Home.

As you may or may not know, I have been in Facebook Jail for about a month now. What you also may not know is that our Pages and our Private Group gas been restricted as well. Even our sister group, The Long Vespa Club has been restricted. These Restrictions limit the amount of sharing we can do and our exposure on FB as well. We use Facebook to advertise our events and try to get new members. As soon as I can, I will continue to do this but all messages will originate from this website/Blog from now on. This site is paid for by me and is not venerable to Facebooks robots, censorship and algorithms. I highly suggest subscribing to this blog to stay informed. Your email address is secure and will not be sold or used in any other way except to update you. You can turn those updates off too. This site will remain free, but you will have to sign in to comment, just like any other social media site. The Facebook pages will be our public face and will stay active as long as possible. Please enter your email address below… Scoot On… Mm

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